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Ernest A. Long ADR publishes monthly Case Studies of important Court decisions in California. Cases are selected on a discretionary basis, bearing on the practice of law in the State Court system. The Studies are prepared to keep the legal community apprised of developments in the field and are archived here, in our Case Library.
Because our Studies are prepared close to the time of original publication, the cases have yet to receive their official case citations. Opinions remain accessible on the official court website for 120 days, referenced by date. The information conveyed in the Studies is an accurate recounting of the original opinion. The language, quotations and holdings expressed in the Case Studies are not legal authority and should not be presented in court filed documents without first checking the published opinion in the official reports. This page provides access to each of the court decisions, in their original form, that we have reviewed, along with our previously published Case Study. Typically, a PDF copy of the reported decision is attached to our electronically distributed Case Study, and this Case Library provides a compendium of all the opinions we have discussed.
To access a Case Study or a Supreme Court or Appellate Court opinion that was the subject of one of our Case Studies, enter your search terms in the Search box at the right of any page of this website, or go to the Download Case Studies section to scroll through the listings of topics and case names of all Case Studies from January 2008 to the present. The opinions are from the official court website, issued prior to designation of the official reporter citation which is not generated until approximately 90 days after the case is first posted on the court website.

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998 Offer to Compromise; Good Faith Offer; Realistically Reasonable (10/2013) (Aguilar)

Admission of Vicarious Liability; Independent Liability of Employer (06/2011) (Diaz)

Ambiguity in Release; Assumption of the Risk (02/2008) (Cohen)

Application of Privette Doctrine Where Owner Hires Unlicensed Contractor; Labor Code section 2750.5; Independent Contractor (03/16) (Blackwell)

Apportionment of Fault to Un-Named Parties; Burden of Proving Medical Malpractice with Expert Testimony (5/2012) (Chakalis)

Attorney Client Privilege and Work Product Doctrine; Privilege Log; Log Requirements (Catalina) (12/2015)

Attorney Client Privilege; Dominant Purpose of Relationship; Disqualification (06/2011) (Clark)

Attorney-Client Privilege; Attorney Work Product (01/2019) (Uber)

Attorney-Client Privilege; Transmission of Confidential Information (11/2009) (Costco)

Attorney-client; Undue Influence; Economic Duress (09/2010) (Chan)

Bad Faith; Civil Code section 2860; Attorney fees (03/2010) (Intergulf)

Binding Arbitration; Contract of Adhesion; Unconscionability (9/2013) (Roldan)

Breach of Contract; Broker/Agent relationship; B & P Code 10137 (02/2015) (Sanowicz)

Breach of Contract; Real Estate; Statute of Frauds (12/2016) (Westside)

Business & Professions Code section 17200; Unfair Insurance Practices Act, Insurance Code section 790.03 (09/2013) (Zhang)

Cal-OSHA violation; Negligence per se; Standard and Duty of Care (03/2011) (Iverson)

Care in Absence of Construction Defect; Architect’s Duty of Privity (07/03/14) (Beacon)

CCP 998; Prevailing Party; Recovery of Attorney Fees (08/2008) (Chinn)

CCP 998; Realistic and Reasonable Offer; “More Favorable Judgment or Award (06/2008) (Guerrero)

CCP section 170.6; Proper Form and Service (12/2013) (Fry)

CCP section 473(b); Default Judgment; Attorney Neglect; Mandatory Relief (01/2016) (Potts)

CCP Section 474 Doe Amendment; Ignorance of facts; Relation back - (05/2016) (McClatchy)

CCP section 664.6 Motion to Enforce Terms of Settlement Agreement; Retention of Subject Matter Jurisdiction (11/2017) (Sayta)

CCP section 664.6; Stipulation for Entry of Judgment; Liquidated Damages; Unenforceable Penalty; Civil Code Section 1671 (08/2019) (Red & White)

CCP section 998 Offer to Compromise; Tests of Reasonableness (01/2013) (Whately)

CCP section 998 Offer to Compromise; Validity of Term Requiring Settlement Agreement and Release (04/2016) (Sanford)

CCP section 998 offers; Offers made by multiple parties; Validity (09/2015) (Kahn)

CCP section 998; Binding Arbitration; Correction of Award (02/2012) (Maaso)

CCP section 998; Successive Offers; Expert Witness Fees (6/2013) (Martinez)

CCP section 998; Validity; “Reasonable prospect of acceptance” (12/2018) (Licudine)

Challenge to Magnitude and Reasonableness of Fees of Attorney’s Fees and Costs; Davis-Stirling Act (04/2016) (Almanor)

Civil Code section 1431.2 (Prop 51); Apportionment among tortfeasors; Subsequent medical malpractice (02/2008) (Henry)

Civil Code section 2860; Restitution Claim for Overbilling (Hartford) (08/2015)

Civil Code section 2860; “Cumis Counsel”; Timing of Bad Faith Claim vs. Fee Dispute (11/2011) (Janopaul)

Civil Code section 47; Litigation Privilege; Non-communicative conduct - (09/2019) (Mancini)

Civil Discovery Act; Motion to Compel; Vocational Rehabilitation Examination (03/2017) (Haniff)

Claim for Equitable Indemnity; Contract vs. Tort Claims; Economic Loss Rule; Promissory Estoppel; Biakanja Factors (01/2015) (State)

Code of Civil Procedure Section 473(b); Failure to Appear; Motion to Vacate Default and Default Judgment (01/2020) (Shayan)

Code of Civil Procedure section 473(b); Mandatory relief for inexcusable neglect; CCP section 1008 (2/2017) (Gee)

Code of Civil Procedure section 581; Voluntary Dismissal Prior to Final Submission of Case (06/2018) (Shapira)

Code of Civil Procedure Section 998; Incorporation of Release in Offer; Ambiguity in Release (08/2016) (Ignacio)

Collateral Source Rule; Hanif Case; Post-verdict Reduction (02/2011) (Cabrera)

Collateral Source Rule; Post-verdict “Hanif” Hearing (06/2010) (Yanez)

Collection of Judgment; Homestead Act; Exemptions (05/2010) (Tarlesson)

Common Carrier, Release from Liability (01/2008) (Booth)

Common Law Release; Denial of “Good Faith” Settlement; Set-off with Contribution (08/2012) (Leung)

Compensatory Damages; Recovery of Medical Expenses; Howell Rule (4/2013) (Corenbaum)

Conflict of Interest; Civil Code section 2860; Cumis counsel; Rule of Professional Conduct 3-310(C)(1) (01/2018) (Centex)

Conflict of Interest; Duty of Loyalty; Standing (07/2010) (Great Lakes)

Conflict of Interest; Right to Independent Counsel; Civil Code section 2680 (06/2015) (Centex)

Conflict of Interest; Substantial Relationship Test; Common Interest Doctrine (08/2009)(Meza)

Construction Contracts; Indemnity Agreements; Duty to Defend; Crawford v. Weather Shield Mfg., Inc. (03/2019) (Centex)

Construction Defect Litigation; Statute of Limitations; Patent and Latent Defects (09/2009) (Creekridge)

Construction Defect; Right to Repair Act (Civil Code §§ 910–938.); Pre-litigation Requirements for Claims against Builders (03/2018) (McMillin)

Contracts of Indemnity; Interpretation of Indemnification Provisions (08/2016) (Morlin)

Contractual Arbitration; Action Involving Third Party; FINRA Rules (03/2012) (Thomas)

Contribution Among Joint Tortfeasors (CCP 877); Recovery of Costs (CCP 1032) (2/2008) (Goodman)

Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing; Genuine Dispute Rule (09/2008) (Brehm)

Cross-complaint for Equitable Indemnity; Good Faith Settlements (10/2007) (Paragon)

Default Judgment Binds Insurer (12/07) (Belz)

Default Judgment; Motion to Set Aside; Void or Voidable (11/2008) (Lee)

Default; Motion to Set-Aside; CCP section 473 (07/2019) (LaSalle)

Demurrer; Worker’s Compensation Exclusivity Doctrine; Sexual Harassment; Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) (10/2017) (M.F.)

Disclosure of Expert Witnesses; Admissibility of Expert Opinion in Motion for Summary Judgment (3/2017) Perry

Duty to Defend; Homeowner’s Policy; “Accident” as Unforeseen or Undesigned Consequence (06/2008) (State Farm)

Early section 998 Offer; Reasonableness of Offer (08/2008) (Barba)

Economic Damages; Collateral Source Rule (08/2010) (King)

Economic Damages; Collateral Source Rule; Private Health Insurance (11/2009) (Howell)

Economic Damages; Medical Charges Paid by a Factor; Relevance (02/2014) (Dodd)

Elder Abuse; Neglect; Heightened Remedies; Recklessness; Pattern and Practice (03/2016) (Fenimore)

Emotional Distress Claim; Property Damage; “Peculiar Value” (07/2009) (McMahon)

Enforcement of Judgments; IRS section 529 Accounts (04/2016) (O'Brien)

Enforcement of Settlement Agreement; CCP 664.6; Motion for Entry of Judgment (10/2009) (Hines)

Enforcement of Settlement Agreements; CCP 664.6 (5/2012) (Bowers)

Enforcement of Settlement Agreements; CCP section 664.6; Protection of Settling Defendant(s) from Liens (04/2016) (Karpinski)

Equitable Contribution; Duty to Contribute to Defense; Duty to Defend (05/2008) (Monticello)

Ethics; Mandatory Arbitrator Disclosure Requirements; Waiver of Objection; Vacating Award of Arbitrator (09/2018) (Honeycutt)

Evidence Code Section 1101; Character Evidence; Custom and Habit; Section 352 (06/2008) (Bowen)

Evidence Code section 352; Impeachment; Credibility (08/2008) (Winfred D.)

Evidence; Expert testimony; Sargon; Sanchez; Future Damages; Civil Code section 3283 (8/2017) (David

Evidence; Impeachment; Admissibility of Website Material; Party Admission (10/09) (Alcala)

Exclusion of Expert Testimony; Fear of Cancer (05/2009) (Dee)

Expert Opinion Testimony; Computer Animation; Demonstrative Evidence (08/2012) (People)

Expert Testimony; Lost Profits; Proper Foundation (11/2012) (Sargon)

Expert Witness Disclosure (CCP section 2034); Objection to Timeliness of Disclosure; Standing to Object; Exclusion from Trial or MSJ Hearing (Perry) (02/2016)

Expert Witnesses; Evidence Code section 801; Proper Foundation (04/2011) (Bell)

Expert Witnesses; Reasonable and Necessary Medical Expenses; Evidence of Unpaid Bills (07/2014) (Ochoa)

Financial Elder Abuse; Testamentary Capacity; Undue Influence (01/2014) (Lintz)

First Party Bad Faith; Genuine Dispute Doctrine; Objective Standard (06/2017) (Zubillaga)

First Party Claims; Efficient Proximate Cause (05/2009) (Freedman)

First Party Insurance; Bad Faith (02/2009) (McCoy)

Foreseeable Contract Damages; Intervening and Superseding Cause (02/2014) (Ash)

Future Economic Loss; Earning Capacity Claim; Reasonable Probability Standard (09/2016) (Licudine)

General and Specific Jurisdiction; Representative Services Doctrine (11/2010) (BBA)

Good Faith Settlement (CCP section 877.6; Joint Tortfeasors; Tech-Bilt Standards (09/2011) (Pacificare)

Governmental Entity Liability; Dangerous Condition of Public Property; Third Party Conduct (08/2015) (Cordova)

Habitability; Punitive Damages; CCP section 1987; Evidence of Net Worth; Emotional Distress Damages (10/2019) (Garcia)

Hanif Rule; Collateral Source Rule; Billed Versus Paid Medical Billings (08/2011) (Howell)

Health and Safety Code; ER Care; Balance Billing (01/2009) (Prospect)

Homeowner’s Policy, Mold Exclusion; Insurance Code section 530, Efficient Proximate Cause (01/2008) (DeBruyn)

Hospital Lien Act (Civil Code Section 3045.3); Right to Recover Customary Billing Rates for ER Services (Balance Billing) (07/2014) (Dameron)

Howell and its Progeny; Measuring Medical Damages of Uninsured Plaintiff (6/2015) (Bermudez)

Implied Contractual Indemnity; Recreational Use Immunity (03/2009) (Prince)

In Limine Motions; Prior Restraint of Free Speech; Attorney Advertising; CCP section 611 (12/2013) (Steiner)

Injury to Real Property; Annoyance and Discomfort; Damage Multiplier (2/2017) (Fulle)

Injury to Real Property; Fire as Trespass; Damage to Trees (11/2009) (Kelly)

Insurance Bad Faith; Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing; Criminal Restitution ; Offsets and Credits (08/2016) (Barickman)

Insurance Bad Faith; Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing; Wrongful Refusal to Settle a Third Party Claim (12/2014) (Graciano)

Insurance Bad Faith; Genuine Dispute Rule; Ins. Code section 790.03(h)(5) (06/2014) (Maslo)

Insurance Contracts; Policy Interpretation; Ambiguities (08/2015) (Sequeira)

Insurance Coverage; (Ins. Code, § 11580, subd. (b)(2)) ; Loss of Use; Diminution in Value as Measure of Damages (11/2018) (Three Sombreros)

Insurance Coverage; Bodily Injury; Pollution Exclusion (01/2008) (American Cas.)

Insurance Coverage; Breach of Contract; Exhaustion Rule; Judgment on the Pleadings (03/2008) (Wedemeyer)

Inverse Condemnation; Settlement Negotiations (10/2010) (Tracy)

Jewel waiver; Revised Uniform Partnership Act (RUPA); Dissolved law firm property interest in unfinished hourly matters (03/2018) (Heller)

Joint obligees in contract or tort; Multiple actions permissible; Claim preclusion; Issue preclusion (DKN Holdings) (07/2014)

Judgments; Amending to Add Additional Judgment Debtors (12/2013) (Relentless)

Juror Misconduct During Trial and During Deliberations (07/2008) (Bandana)

Juror misconduct; Trial integrity; Presumption of prejudice - (08/2019) (Nodal)

Jury Conduct; Failure to Deliberate; Proper Inquiry (3/2017) (Shanks)

Jury Instructions; Legal Causation; CACI 430, 431; Negligence Instructions in Medical Negligence Case (03/2015) (Uriell)

Jury Instructions; Retained Control; Affirmative Contribution; Attorney Misconduct; Reptile Argument; Collateral Source Rule; Gratuitous Gifts (09/2016) (Regalado)

Jury selection; Batson/Wheeler Motion; Improper Motive for Prospective Juror Exclusion (06/2017) (People v. Gutierrez)

Jury voir dire; Batson/Wheeler motion; Timeliness and Forfeiture Rule; ReTrial or Reinstatement of Judgment (12/2019) (Unzueta)

Landowner Duty; Sliding Scale Balancing Formula (03/2008) (Garcia)

Legal Malpractice; Attorney-Client Privilege; Evidence Code section 958 (01/2015) (Anten)

Legal Malpractice; Default Action; Statement of Damages (01/2010) (Stein)

Legal Malpractice; Judicial Notice of Statute; Trial Court Error (10/2014) (Kasem)

Legal Malpractice; Mediation Confidentiality (01/2011) (Cassel)

Legal Malpractice; Mediation Privilege; Attorney Client Privilege (11/2009) (Cassel)

Legal Malpractice; Statute of Limitations; CCP section 340.6 (01/2017) (Foxen)

Legal Malpractice; Statute of Limitations; Continuous Representation Exception (10/2016) (Gotek)

Liability for Third Party Criminal Conduct; Sliding scale formula; Foreseeability (01/2009) (Tan)

Lien Rights; Medical Reimbursement; Preemption (10/2015) (Chand)

Loss of Consortium, Total or Partial; Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress (05/2011) (Mealy)

Mediation Confidentiality; Legal Malpractice; Admissibility of Advice in Mediation (03/2015) (Amis)

Medical liens; Ahlborn Calculation; Future Medical Care Costs (04/2015) (Aguilera)

Medical Malpractice; Expert Qualifications; Similar Circumstances Test (01/2008) (Avivi)

Medical Malpractice; Lack of Informed Consent and Battery; Improper Jury Instructions; Invited Error Doctrine; Incomplete, Evasive Discovery Responses; Exclusion of Trial Witnesses (01/2008) (Saxena)

Medical Negligence; 90 Day Notice; CCP Section 364; Statute of Limitations; CCP Section 340 (07/2017) (Kumari)

Medical Negligence; Intersection of Civil Code section 3333.2 (MICRA) and CC section 1431.2 (Prop. 51) (12/2014) (Rashidi)

Medical Negligence; Leave to Amend for Punitive Damages; CCP 425.13 (2/2013) (Pomona)

Medical Negligence; Requirement of Expert Testimony; Common Knowledge Exception (12/2009) (Massey)

Medically Insured Plaintiff seeks out of plan medical care on lien; Howell, Bermudez, Katiuzhinsky; CACI No. 3903A (05/2018) (Pebley)

Motion for Summary Judgment; Respondeat Superior; General Right to Control vs. Totality of Circumstances; Franchisor Liability for Act of Franchisee’s Employee under FEHA (08/2014) (Patterson)

Motion to Dismiss; Forum Non Conveniens (05/2010) (Martinez)

Motion to Set Aside Default; Code of Civil Procedure section 473; In-House Counsel (05/2010) (Gutierrez)

Motions in Limine; Evidentiary vs. Dispositive Motions (09/2011) (Johnson)

Negligence; Duty; Proximate Causation (12/2010) (Lawson)

Negligence; Retained Control; Affirmative Contribution (01/2012) (Tverberg)

Negligent Hiring and Retention; Character Evidence; Willful Suppression (02/2010) (Diaz)

Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress; CACI 1621; Bird v Saenz and Ochoa v Superior Court; Medical Negligence Case (03/2015) (Keys)

Offsets at Trial; Prior Settlements; Product Liability and Medical Malpractice (06/2013) (Rashidi)

Ordinary vs. Professional Negligence; Statute of Limitations (2/2013) (Flores)

Parental Liability; Special Relationship; Duty of Care (02/2011) (Smith)

Peculiar Risk Doctrine; Privette Exception; Independent Contractor (06/2010) (Tverberg)

Peremptory Challenge; Timeliness; Waiver or Abandonment (10/2011) (Frisk)

Personal Jurisdiction; Motion to Quash; Special Appearance (09/2008) (Shisler)

Petition to Compromise Minor’s Claim; Death of Minor; Enforceability (01/2012) (Pearson)

Pleading Amendment at Trial; Nuisance; Trespass (05/2014) (W&W El Camino)

Post Verdict Question re: Sufficiency of Economic Damages; Right to Recover Punitive Damages (01/2008) (Sumpter)

Premises Liability; Contractual Right to Attorney Fees; CCP section 1021 (02/2015) (Hemphill)

Premises Liability; Duty of Landowner for Damage Occurring on Adjacent Property (06/2016) (Vasilenko)

Premises Liability; Landlord’s Duty to Inspect with Judgment of Possession (05/2008) (Stone)

Prevailing Party; Application of Settlement Credits (CCP 887); Net Monetary Recovery (04/2008) (Brawley)

Primary Assumption of the Risk; Unsigned Release Agreement (10/2011) (Amezcua)

Privette case; Peculiar Risk Doctrine; Workplace Injury; Non-delegable Duties (08/2011) (Seabright)

Privette Doctrine; Burden of Producing Evidence on MSJ; Retained Control or Failure to Undertake Promised Safety Measure (7/2017) (Alvarez)

Privette Doctrine; Retained Control Affirmative Contribution Exception; Non-Delegable Duties Exception (11/2016) (Khosh)

Privette/Hooker Doctrine; Retained Control of Safety with Affirmative Contribution; Prior Knowledge of Concealed Condition (02/2020) (Alaniz)

Privity of Contract; Claim Preclusion; Primary Right Theory (08/2017) (Cal Sierra)

Products Liability; B & P Code section 25602; Civil Code section 1714; Multi-ingredient Product; Interactive Effects; Common Consumer Product (12/2014) (Fiorini)

Products Liability; Component Parts Doctrine; Maxton not followed (06/2014) (Uriate)

Products Liability; Design Defect; Failure to Warn (01/2011) (Pannu)

Products Liability; Jury Instructions; Risk-Benefit Test; Instructional Error (03/2013) (Collins)

Products Liability; Punitive Damages; Error in Jury Instructions (01/2008) (Bullock)

Products Liability; Sophisticated User Defense (04/2008) (Johnson)

Products Liability; Summary Judgment; Expert Declarations (3/2013) (Garrett)

Professional Negligence; Expert Witnesses; “Common Knowledge” Theory (02/2019) (Ryan)

Professional Negligence; Insurance Brokers; Insolvency of Insurer (02/2012) (Pacific)

Professional Negligence; Real Estate Broker; Statute of Limitations (04/2012) (Lyon)

Proposition 51; Allocation of Economic and Noneconomic Damages (01/2008) (Bayer-Bel)

Protective Order; Evidence (06/009) (Gdowski)

Public Entity Liability; Proof of Negligence or Notice (02/2008) (Metcalf)

Punitive Damage Calculations; Brandt fees as Compensatory Damage (06/2016) (Nickerson)

Quantum Meruit; Reasonable Market Value of Services; Appropriate Standard (05/2017) (Goel)

Qui Tam Action; Ins. Code § 1871 et seq.; Motion for Summary Judgment; Motion to Bind Party to Answers to Interrogatories; CCP § 2030.310, subd. (a) (02/2016) (People/GEICO)

Real Estate Law; Dual Agency; Agent’s Fiduciary Duties of Disclosure (11/2016) (Horike)

Real Estate; Dual Agency; Fiduciary Duty; Constructive Fraud (04/2014) (Horiike)

Real Estate; Fraud; Failure to Disclose; Imputing Knowledge of Construction Professional to Principal (11/2017) (RSB)

Real Estate; Seller's Duty to Disclose; Prior Litigation (02/2009) (Calemine)

Real Property; Equitable Easements; Prescriptive Easements; Adverse Possession (09/2018) (Hansen)

Real Property; Prescriptive Easement; Laches (04/2012) (Connolly)

Reasonable Value of Services; Evidence Code Section 352; Amount paid by Factor; Collateral Source Rule (11/2015) (Uspenskaya)

Recovery of Costs, CCP section 1032; Prevailing Party; Settlement as Net Monetary Recovery (03/2016) (DeSaulles)

Release of Liability; Gross Negligence Exception (02/2011) (Rosencrans

Requests for Admissions; Denials of RFA's; Trial Impeachment Evidence (01/2015) (Gonsalves)

Res Ipsa Instruction (07/2009)(Diaz)

Res ipsa loquitur; Burden of Evidence Production (11/2010) (Howe)

Res Judicata; Primary Right Doctrine; Loss of Consortium Compared to Wrongful Death General Damages (02/2008) (Boeken)

Respondeat Superior; Course and Scope of Employment; “Business Errand” Exception (04/2017) (Sumrall)

Respondeat Superior; Special Errand Doctrine (09/2009) (Jeewarat)

Responses to Form Interrogatories; Witness Disclosure; Motions in Limine; Witness Exclusion (Mitchell) (12/2015)

Restitution; Economic Loss Resulting from Defendant’s Conduct (05/2017) (People v. Martinez)

Rules of Professional Conduct; Fiduciary Duty to Client after Termination of Relationship (07/2008) (Styles)

School District Liability (05/2009) (Eric M.)

Settlement Agreements; Ambiguous Terms; Extrinsic Evidence (10/2010) (Steller)

Settlement Agreements; Confidentiality Clause; Effect of “Agreed as to Form” - 09/2018) (Monster)

Settlement and Release; “Affiliates”; Extrinsic Evidence (03/2017) (Iqbal)

Settlement; Liens; Ahlborn Case; Allocation of Damages (12/2009) (Bolanos)

Song-Beverly Act; Civil Code § 1790, et seq; Attorney Fees Claim (11/2016) (Goglin)

Special Needs Trust; Compensation of Trustee (12/2012) (Thorpe)

Special Relationship as Basis for Duty; Assumption of the Risk (01/2008) (McGarry)

Special Verdict; Spite Fence Statute; Nuisance (04/2011) (Vanderpol)

Strict Products Liability; Prop. 51 Apportionment; Howell Admissible Damages (03/2014) (Romaine)

Sudden Emergency Doctrine; CACI 452; Motion for Summary Judgment (07/2018) (Shiver)

Summary Judgment; Burden of Production; Medical Malpractice (04/2008) (Garibay)

Summary Judgment; Dangerous Condition of Public Property; Evidentiary Showing (04/2010) (Lane)

Summary Judgment; Ostensible Agency; Hospital & Emergency Room Physicians (06/2015) (Whitlow)

Supplemental Expert Witness Disclosure; As a Right (05/2019) (Du-All)

Trespass; Injunctive Relief; Irreparable Harm (11/2014) (Aspen Grove)

Trial continuance; Absence of expert witness; Necessary showing (10/2018) (Padda)

Trial Cross Examination; Character Evidence vs. Impeachment; Attorney Misconduct (07/2015) (Martinez)

Trial practice; Collateral source rule; Reference to medical insurance; Kaiser, MediCare (04/2019) (Stokes)

Trial Practice; Expert Witnesses; Rebuttal Witness; Medical Malpractice (03/2009) (Muller)

Trial Practice; Jury Selection; CCP section 222.5; Proper Topics of Voir Dire (11/2018) (Alcazar)

Trial Practice; Motions in Limine; Trial Sanctions (05/2016) (Osborne)

Unconscionability; Arbitration Agreement; Petition to Compel Arbitration (02/2010) (Suh)

Unconscionable Terms; Mandatory Arbitration; Employment Agreement (01/2012) (Wisdom)

Unfair Competition Law; Moradi-Shalal (10/2009) (Zhang)

Waiver and Estoppel; Creditor’s Claim; Insurance Bad Faith (04/2009)(Prindle)

Wills and Trusts; Removal of Trustee; Risk of Injury or loss; Revocation of Trust (11/2013) (Sterling)

Work Product Doctrine; Absolute and Qualified; Interrogatory 12.3 (6/2012) (Coito)

Work-Product Privilege; Witness Statements (03/2010) (Coito)

Workers’ Comp Exclusivity Rule; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Collateral Source Rule (11/2016) (Lee)

Workers’ Compensation liens; Employer recovery of benefits paid; Priority Right of Reimbursement (01/2018) (Duncan)

Worker’s Comp Utilization Review; Medical Negligence; Physician Duty (01/2016) - King

Wrongful Death Claim; Multiple Heirs; One-Action Rule (01/2012) (Moody)